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MariNWM by SoniaCarreras MariNWM by SoniaCarreras
Mari's sheet to play in the :iconneverwintermyths: group


RACE: Half elf
Immunity to Sleep - immune to all sleep effects

CLASS: Rogue
Light and Medium Weapons, Light Armor only, no Shields


Strength =2
Dexterity =4
Constitution =2
Charisma =4
Intelligence =3
Wisdom =2

Luck of Heroes
Grants the ability to re-roll the dice once per quest. You must keep the second roll, even if it is lower.
Point Blank Shot Passive
This allows the character to make a ranged attacks while in close combat

Defense: + 4 (DEX) +1 (armor) = 5
Damage reduction: 1(armor)
Melee Attack: +2 (STR) + 1 (Dagger) = 3
Ranged Attack: + 4 (DEX) + 2 (crossbow) = 6
HIT POINTS: 5 (start as rogue) + 2CON + 4lvls = 11


Starting Equipment:
- Leather, studded armor. Same as leather, but with metal studs embedded in it. Cost: 25g /0 (starting equip)
- Crossbow. Can be shot, but not loaded one handed, and takes a turn to load. Cost: 50g /0 (starting equip)
- Quiver with 10 crossbow bolts. Cost: 1g /0 (starting equip)
- A backpack with a bedroll, tinder and flint with firestarter, a waterskin, a ration pack, a thieves tools. /0 (starting equip)
- A Mandolin /0 (starting equip)
- Starting jewels: three earrings in each ear to accentuate their elven shape; a ring hanging from her neck found with her in the basket she was left when abandoned.

Bought equipment:
- 2 daggers (2x2g)

Loot: 13 gp. 1 golden necklace. 1 pair of nice shoes. 3 beaded dresses

Pouch money: 16 gp



Parents unknown (secret background). Adopted by a human farming family near Daggerford, who found her on the door of their farm with just a ring hanging from her neck as a necklace. She specially adored her "nephew" Richard, because her "brother" and "sister" grew old much faster than her and that made her feel lonely.

10 years ago, when she was 42, she was chasing a lost sheep and came back to find the farm attacked and all her family (parents, adopted brothers and nephew) killed apparently by wolves, but she found tracks which made her think they had been murdered. Then she left the farm after giving them proper burial and wandered for a while. She never found who killed them, but if she ever finds, she will claim revenge.

Without a place to go, she almost starve on the roads when a human bard, Roderick, found her. He took her under his protection, trained her to be a bard and slowly seduced her, until she fell in love with him like the teenager she was (in half-elf years). She would have done anything for him, and she did, while they were traveling from Daggerford to Waterdeep and then to Neverwinter during the following 8 years. She played the mandolin and sang, and also danced when he played his own lute. He also taught her about the Lore and the legends of the country.

When they arrived to Neverwinter, though, things changed. There were too many bards and their show wasn't so new. Besides Roderick was getting old (he was already on his 50's when he met Mari) and his skills were decreasing. He tried to get more money by gambling, but that only made him go into more and more debts which resulted in him drinking and gambling more and sinking each day a bit more. So when some customers started to show interest on the pretty redhead elf who danced for him, he proposed Mari to go to bed with one of them to earn some extra money. Marilyn just slapped him in the face and walked away. He tried to convince her to return a couple of times, but she had realized he had never loved her, just used her, and never accepted. One day he disappeared, maybe he ran away from his enemies, or maybe those found him and killed him. She never found out and she never bothered to find.

After a few attempts to survive on her own, she had to swallow her pride and do for her what she didnt' want to do for Roderick, fortunatelly one of her customers had a good relationship with Dame Ophala at the Moonstone Mask and found her a job as a Masked Lady there, where her talents as a bard have allowed her to have a honest life not needing to prostitute herself again. On her free days she also likes to go to other taverns and play her mandolin there, more for fun than for money, and also to feel free from the secret environment of the Mask. Few people knows she works there, or would identify her if they saw her without her mask.

AREA: She stays at the Moonstone Mask, gets lodging and food there and 5gp each month. If not she can be found in any of the other taverns, specially the Sunken Flagon, the theater, or maybe doing some shopping, specially around the Merchant district.


She only was at ease with her adopted family, which she adored, but once she lost them, she became bitter inside, specially after Roderick's disappointment. She acts funny and careless, and can be terribly charming and clever thanks to her bard training, but deep inside she's a loner and trusts nobody.

THREE MAIN TRAITS: Charming, Loner, Calculating

oppositions – greedy vs. generous, neat vs. grumpy, talkative vs. silent, open vs. introvert, etc. WIP
fears, phobias WIP
Likes and dislikes WIP

Sexuality: Not for sale... unless she's in great need of money.

She's not very religious, follows Finder Wyvernspur just because it was the same God Roderick followed, so she thought it was the logical thing.

Lessons - She may be willing to train you as a Bard if you're worth it, but it is difficult to gain her trust.

Languages - Common. Roderick didn't bother to teach her other languages.


Copper-orange long straight hair and golden eyes, clearly from her sun-elf heritage. Pointy ears, not as big as the pure blood elves ones. Thin built, small breasts, long legs. Only her smaller ears and her over average height betray her human heritage.
Average to tall height: 5'4" (1,63), 50 kgs.
She wears three earrings in each ear, like wanting to attract attention to their pointy shape. Continues wearing the ring which came with her in a chain around her neck.


Mari (sweet smile): "Nice to meet you!"
Type of stories: Prefer narrative roleplaying than combat focused ones, appart from that anything goes.
Time zone: GMT +1 (+2 in summer)
Medium: any really – IRC, comments, notes. (Skype for friends too)
Here for: stories, Friends
Chat: Freely.
Language: English (fluent, not perfect), Spanish (mothertongue)


Adopted family: Father (Sander Blank), Mother (Jennifer), Sibling (Mathew), Sister-in-law (Janice), Sister (Suzanne), Nephew (Richard). All of them deceased
Real family unknown
Ex-lover and mentor: Roderick Shawn. Disappeared
Dame Ophala, her boss at the Mask.

If she's asked a price: "More than you can afford"
"Never say never"

Songs: [link]

Drawing on the sheet: Credits to :iconalteya:. Used with permission.
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Miranthia Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
These are all so neat!! :3
SoniaCarreras Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! Creating the statistics is complicated but it's being worth it so far! Mari is everywhere! XDD
Miranthia Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome ^^ Yeah it looks kinda complicated lol XD But fun ^^ LOL yes she is omg XD Nothing wrong with that though :)
SoniaCarreras Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Right now we're only playing free sessions but the quests seem serious bussiness!!

Hahaha, I'm afraid people will end up hating her, but as long as I love her it's ok XDDD
Miranthia Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's really awesome :D

PSH never <3333
SoniaCarreras Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Miranthia Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Arkenaya Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh! Una Mari en el mismo mundo que Zek....ahora que me quedo más libre igual aprovecho y con tu permiso te la robo para algún dibujo XP... Ademas es caótica neutral y bardo...
Jugáis en la cronología oficial de los reinos?( si es así que año?)
Zek estuvo viviendo solo durante un año y algo en Luskan, y paso otro tanto de tiempo como pirata por la Costa de la espada. Ademas mi otro personaje el mago elfo es de uno de los grupos rebeldes de Nevenwinter. ( ahora mismo estamos jugando por el bosque)
SoniaCarreras Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
XDD. Si, es lo primero que pensé, ahora ya tienen excusa para encontrarse XDD. Y te tendré que acosar a preguntas, porque yo de Forgotten Realms sé poco o nada... Al principio iba a ser Ranger, pero se lo cogió Kyle también y por no repetirnos la pasé a Bardo, y la verdad es que me lo estoy pasando pipa. De momento estamos haciendo sesiones libres, para que los PJs se conozcan y para ir conociendo el mundo.

Pues la cronología, no tengo ni idea, le tengo que preguntar a los GMs, pero creo jugamos después del NeverWinter Nights 2. Y como vive en Neverwinter, imagino que se podría encontrar con los dos!!

Y claro que la puedes dibujar! Y hasta podemos juntarlos en alguna historia! Me encantaría!!! (Aunque creo que a Zek no le gustarán mucho los semielfos, no? Y menos si se juntan con humanos como ella XD)
Arkenaya Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Y pícaro? ¿por que no? de todas maneras los bardos en Dungeons molan mucho, yo he llevado a Yil y tienen bastante de pícaro. De todas maneras siempre puedes hacerte un multiclase. xD

Zephyr mi mago, digamos que por nevewinter pasa poco... no le tienen en muy gran estima. Y lo de la cronologia es importante por que depende cuando jugueis hay cambios en el mundo. Es mas tu dios seguramente muera y eso es un problema en los reinos...

A Zek los semielfos si, sin elfos al fin y al cabo, lo mas ruin de los elfos pero son....(la razon es por que el como dios admite a los elfos no como iguales pero si como un rango inferior, ya que por genetica un hijo de drow y elfo sale drow la mayoría de las veces,y eso sirve para sus planes de dominio de la superficie XD ) y ademas los bardos le gustan, él es danzarin sombrio y le gusta bailar ( si ahi donde lo ves) los únicos humanos que considera persona es un grupo de brados con los que se juntó una vez. Se ganaron su respeto... realmente no es tan malo, va de duro, y solo tiene la moralidad un poco desviada....
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